Which is The Best Blender to Buy?

The Best blender can do many tasks in your kitchen as you prepare meals. However, it is the most essential piece of equipment if you need to make smoothies. Numerous folks love smoothies these days. This is because they’re a good way of acquiring your vitamins and nutrients. You grab the fresh fruits or vegetables, mix them with a little yogurt and honey. Now you’ve got a very nutritious meal on the go. So you need to seek the best personal smoothie maker you can find. You’re more likely to use the mixer when the appliance you’re using is fun and easy to function. So now you might ask, how to choose a blender for smoothies? Don’t worry, here we cover the whole information that would help you find your best mixer.
The admiration of food processors and hand/immersion mixers are huge. Yet blenders are the greatest choice. For crushing ice, whipping up a smoothie and pureeing soups. Here are a few things to check that would lead you to the best blender for all of your cookery tasks.


When you’re studying blenders consider the strength. Pay special attention to the ingredients of the base and gear assembly. Blenders with mechanisms made of plastic and tend to get lower scores for strength. Stainless steel and metal-based expensive blender hold up improved over time. Pay attention to the warranty that comes with your liquidizer. Certain manufacturers may bid only six months warranty. While others deliver up to six years of protection.


Not all mixers are alike and the way builders advertise this is with wattage rights. The Best blender wattage can array from three-hundred to fifteen-hundred watts. But this isn’t as vital as they’d have you ponder. While it’s correct that the more wattage a blender has, the improved it can work with hard materials. For example ice or large quantities of nuts. If you won’t be having your blender for those things, you don’t have to pay for the additional power. Irrespective of how many speeds you guess you want to have. You’ll perhaps want the best personal smoothie maker with a pulse button. The short bursts of speed and power it produces aren’t for ice crushing any longer. Pulsing gives you more power over the elements you’re working with. Also, it confirms that you don’t over-process.

Blender Jars

Blender jars are typically made of one of four dissimilar materials. These are plastic, glass, polycarbonate, and metal. Plastic jars are the least costly option. Also, their lightweight design makes them relaxed to handle when full. Though, they’re prone to scrapes over time and may retain food smells. A good option if all you’re going to use the blender for is pesto. But if you’ll be needing a commercial smoothie machine deliberate other materials. Glass jars are the weightiest and thus the firmest blender jars. A big benefit when it comes to appraising durability over time. The only caution is if you drop it and it collapses, you’re out a blender jar.
Glass jars are further scratch-resistant than plastic. They won’t hold smells or strong flavors. Stainless steel and other metal jars propose the benefits of being manageable weight. Also, they are more lasting than glass or plastic. You’ll pay extra for these additions. So if sleek, shiny blender jars are grasping your eye, keep in mind that you can’t see through metal. So when you’re merging, checking for uneven mixing will be a trial. Regardless of which type of Best blender jar you pick, you’ll want to make sure it’s also the correct size. Also, you need to consider the shape for what you’ll be doing. Deliberate over what you’ll use the blender for most of the time.


There is no doubt in the fact that blenders are noisy. The more power a blender has, the noisier it’s going to be when operating. This is another reason not to choose a commercial smoothie machine for wattage alone. Blender sound may seem like a negligible point. But it could make a disparity in how often you’ll actually use your mixer.

The effortlessness of cleaning

How relaxed it is to clean your Best blender will affect how you feel about it. Touchpad controls are cool to clean. But they are only available on higher-end models. Also, a few users find them harder to control than outdated buttons or switches. But the comfort of cleaning makes it a star. Detachable blades also make for easy cleanup. However, the Best Blender for Smoothies might not feature this. Since then it would become more prone to leaks.

Best Blender For The Money 2020

Product Name

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender


Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade
Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
Blendtec Designer 625 Blender


10 Speed

10 Speed

6 Speed Touch


64 Ounce

64 Ounce

90 Ounce


8 year warranty


2 HP

2.2 HP

1560 W


1,809 reviews

159 reviews

96 reviews



The Vitamix 5200 is the Best blender in our view since this blender stands out. It has the unmatched blending ability as it can tatter through any element, huge or tiny. Its two-horsepower engine is a great deal to take on any chore. The steel blades that stay within the vessel can move really quickly. This helps to bring cold foods to piercing hot in just six minutes. If the astonishing features don’t convince you, then the five-year warranty must. There is no doubt that Vitamix stands by their gadget. Also, they receive numerous reliably exceptional reviews.
In most of the smoothie shop, you would have already seen a Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender there. Even if this high-powered blender is not meant for commercial use. But its blending capability and durability make it an extremely sought after invention. With a 2.2-horsepower engine, the power of the blender is emerging. The high blade radius makes it an incredible smoothie making apparatus. The Sixty-four-oz. BPA free vessel is sturdy and ecologically friendly. This blender offers a two-piece top which lets you add elements in the middle of a blending process. The cost is a little high, but you won’t be requiring a blender for a long period.
Now the second spot is under control of the adaptable Blendtec Designer 625 blender. Its three peak horsepower is matchless on the bazaar. There is no need to mention that this blender completely crushes every ingredient. While the blending aptitude is one of the finest, the thing we loved the most is its interface. The exterior features are well-lit and they are very easy to understand. The worldwide icons make this blender easy to master. However, there are numerous different blend series.


Cash-rich, time-poor, health-aware under 35s are the major consumers of store-purchased smoothies. Though, it is not essential to spend a lot of money to get the healthiness benefits. In fact, by learning how to prepare smoothies at home in a smoothie maker, you will get even more health welfares. Since the shakes you will make will be fresh. None of the nutrient worth will get lost as you could drink your smoothie right away. All you have to do is choose the Best blender suiting your preference and get it into your kitchen.

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