Vitamix Standard Blender – Professional Grade Review

Vitamix Standard Blender – Professional Grade Review

The Vitamix Standard Blender is the perfect family size blender any family would love to have. While shopping for a large size blender Vitamix is the name that might cross your mind. It comes with magnificent power, implementation, and fame. The only thing that is an issue is your financial plant. You need to spend a little more on this very well-known brand blender. Otherwise, this is the Best blender for smoothies you could take along to any family vacation. This brand has earned a lot of trust form its consumer.

The ultimate blending experience with lots of lavish features. You are going to get a recommendation for buying Vitamix. It is present in most of the Best Vitamix blender reviews online. It is one such brand in the market that has more reliability and customer support than any other brand. Once you decide to buy the gadget you can be certain that you are spending on a product that is going to last long.

This particular Best smoothie blenders is almost thirty-four cm tall. While sitting on the base it has a height of fifty-seven cm. The vessel is sixty-four-ounce larger and it can hold up to two liter. The material is BPA-free and is of Tritan copolyester. The cutting edges are of stainless-steel and they are laser-cut. The hammer-mil and cutting blades are three inches in measurement. The blades are strong enough to provide best blending experience.

There is also a lid that can resist spill while blending. There is a plug with the lid to add items into the vessel safely even when the apparatus is on. The handle is nice and the design is very sleek. The Vitamix Standard Blender is the perfect blender with high functionality. The outcome is very smooth. This is because of the blades.

They are strong enough to repeatedly bring food close and crush every bit of nutrition out. The lid is also strong and doesn’t lets any liquid come out. This is a vital point one must remember. The lid must be of a good material. Otherwise the whole blending process can be in trouble. The motor is powerful and runs fast. It has a good rhythm with the blades and works in low voltage as well. This is The Best blender for smoothies for family feast and entertaining. Even if it prices a bit further yet it is the Best blender for the money.

This is because the consumer gets a long three-year warranty. Hardly there are consumers who complain. This is since the blender has had a good record in working for long periods. The Best blender for the money allows you to process large quantities of smoothies. Also it is ideal for soups, and frozen desserts. The design is efficient and can rotate large quantities back to the blade. In short the product is a great choice for a variety of uses.

Vitamix Standard Blender - Prices, Analysis and Opinions

Vitamix Standard Blender - Professional Grade

KitchenAid KSB1575ACS 5-Speed Diamond Blender


2 HP


Glass capacity

64 Oz




  • 5-year full warrenty and 30 day guarantee. 

  • Renewed Product Guarantee: Replacement or Refund within 90 days


762 reviews


  • Variable Speed Control

  • machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds.

  • Hot soup without a stove

  • hardened stainless steel blades

  • Cool-Running Motor

  • Frozen treats in seconds

  • Grind nuts, coffee, and more


  • Small flecks, possibly from the gear assembly

Detailed Features

Vitamix Standard Blender is the Best blender for the money. It has brilliant features to work with. The sixty-four oz. container with two-part lid works wonder. The wet blade assembly is the star feature. It includes an additional vessel. The vessel is king-size that handles two liter of liquid in one time. The material of the vessel is virtually permanent. The pitcher is chemical resistant and BPA free. The see-through glass will let you see how the blending is taking place.

You would be able to witness the whole process from start to finish. The Best budget blender also features high standardizations. You would be able to easily measure ingredients in ounces, cups or metrics. This best blender for smoothies break down food and ice inside the container with ease. It provides smooth blending for constantly even results. In short the features are best in this price range.

What I Like The Most

Vitamix Standard Blender is least likely to meet problems by the 4rth year of possession. That’s what the researchers say. This is one of the Best blenders that hardly need any maintenance even after rough uses. This best smoothie blender has been extremely loved by consumers for the reasons. I personally found the customer support extremely satisfying. They answer their consumers and provides the best service. With a three year warranty, this seems to be the Best budget blender for any blender lover.

It would be the Best blender for folks who want to do more than just blending. With raising smoothie love the need of such a blender has also developed. The best thing is its speed. The cutting edges are so sharp and powerful it crushes even the hardest ingredient. It is best smoothie blenders with ultimate functioning ability. And so this brand is clearly a strong one thing that can do a lot as a blender.

The Vitamix Standard Blender can blend almost anything. I have blended soups, sauces, butter, whole-fruit juices, and more. And each time I have found neat performance. No matter what I put into it, I get an even drink each time in this particular Best personal blender. The Vitamix Standard Blender is undoubtedly one of the premium blenders nowadays.

And like I said before if you want to do more than just blending you would have to spend a little more. The functionality clearly overcomes the money you spend. In that sense, it is the best budget blender and a great investment. The Best blender for the money would keep you fresh for the whole day. What else do we need in our hectic life?

The Good and the Bad in Vitamix Standard Blender

Good Side

  • The Blade assembly is very nice and attached perfectly to the base.
  • Crushes ice and frozen fruits like the Best blender for ice.
  • One of the best blenders that give large capacity.
  • The material is BPA-free and chemical resistant. The smoothies stay safe with all its nutrition.
  • The smoothies are free of chunks and the consistency is amazing.
  • The additional container is worth the money.
  • A blender that lasts long comparing to other blenders. So definitely it is the Best budget blender for the performance.
  • The motor is powerful enough and ensures good blending speed.
  • The measurement features let you add ingredients in ounces, cups or metrics.
    The blender works non-stop without any trouble even after several uses each day.
  • Hard food items are a piece of cake for this brilliant apparatus.

Bad Side

  • Cleaning the sharp blades might be a problem. The user has to be careful here.

Final Thoughts

So to buy the Best personal blender you might only need to spend a little extra dollars. That is the only thing I am concerned about. If spending a little more isn’t an issue for you than certainly, you have found your perfect match. It is the essential apparatus any kitchen would be happy to have. Once you get yourself this amazing gadget your smoothie life would be so much better. If you check out Amazon you would find lots of positive speech in support of the gadget. So what are you waiting for? The Vitamix Standard Blender has won many hearts and might win you too.

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