Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender Review

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender Review

Oster Reverse Crush is one name that has shaken the blender arena. As soon as your seeking for the Best blender for smoothies begins you would at some point end up confused. There is a long list of alternatives for a decision. Deciding and measuring parameters can be a bit difficult. However, it isn’t an excuse to choose just any product. You must do your proper research and get things in your mind. The different product offers different rewards and features.

However, choosing the features that prefer your regular life is a wise decision. To get the Best blender for smoothies and ice you must also consider the specifications. Now if you are clueless about your choice then you might like to have a look at Oster Reverse Crush Blender. Don’t worry if you have not heard of this product in the past. In this review, I would help you know more about its features. I would add the complete information of this model.

The Best blender for smoothies that can deal with frozen ingredients fabulously. This is the Best blender for the money that comes with an ice-crushing blade. The blades of this Best blender for ice can crush ice consistently. The pre-set Frozen Drink program would effortlessly keep monitoring the task. The technology would offer a perfect frozen drink texture. Chopping ice cubes into small crystals isn’t a big deal for the apparatus. The user would need to run the Frozen Drink program or blend it on High speed. The Oster Reverse Crush is also a pro in pureeing. No matter if you put soft fruit and vegetables, it would puree.

However, the user might need to add extra liquid to break the harder ones. Making hummus or mayonnaise won’t need much effort. Again, there might be the need to add more water for pesto. The gadget has the pre-set Chop Food button. This program can make perfect quality dips, salsas or mixes. However, chopping tomato or onion must not be the case here. These would end up with puree rather than chopped vegetables. There is a manual control that can achieve this purpose. The function would ensure desired consistency. Chopping nuts with this blender are so easy. Using the pulsing function can help you attain the best results.

The Best blender for the money can also handle hot liquids. The food would not get heated. The temperature stress resistant vessel is a wonderful attachment to work with. You need to have some control over the blending process. For example, you need to avoid the air pockets by stirring. These little tactics would help the blender give you a decent quality blending.


  • These Smart features make the Oster Reverse Crush Blender an amazing machine.
  • The blades of the Best personal blender can automatically alternate direction. It keeps pulling unblended contents down into the edges. For example, leaves and frozen bits. You won’t have to worry about lifting the lid or use a spatula.
  • The thousand Watts engine is of peak power. Also the six-hundred-watts of blending power push stainless steel six-point blades. Once you put ice, they turn into snow in seconds. The liquefying into smooth drinks is perfect and quick.
  • The Best blender for the money also comes with seven speeds. The two of them are pre-programmed to the control buttons. They are “Frozen Drinks” and “Food Chop”. Moreover, the typical low, medium and high speed are also available. There are two pulse modes too. These speed settings add versatility to the blender.
  • Auto-reverse can help to smoothly blend if the motor gets overloaded.

The Strength

  • The best budget blender that is easy on your pocket.” The Best budget blender that isn’t going to break the bank and keeps doing the tasks of your kitchen. This best smoothie blender might not be extra huge. However, this might be a wonderful apparatus for the person who doesn’t care about the size.
  • The settings and power-engine.” This is the Best budget blender that includes a strong 1000 watts of power. The own pre-programmed smart settings it would get you rid of so many tiring tasks. The Best budget blender includes these smart settings that are readable easily. This is because of the nice backlit display.
  • The Reverse Motor Action.” This is one of the Best blenders that use reversing motor. This technology would enable consistent smooth blend each and every time. You do not have to get a spatula or spoon to rub food off the side. This is also one of the Best smoothie blenders that work with some pre-set programming. You can build your own settings just with the touch of a button. This would enable precise control over the blending process.
  • Easy to Maintain.” The Oster Reverse Crush is extremely easy to maintain and clean. This is because the pitcher is dishwasher safe.
  • 7 Speeds.” The seven different speeds sums up why this apparatus has the best blender value.
  • Survives for a Long Period.” This is the Best personal blender that can survive for a long period. It keeps on functioning flawlessly for any work that needs to finish. This Best blender for the money comes with a ten-year limited warranty. The whole blender comes with a three-year fulfillment guarantee.

The Weakness

  • Making Nut butter, Grinding and Dough-Making Don’t Count In.” Making nut butter can cause the machine to overload. Grinding coffee beans, grains or herbs won’t be a good decision also. The Oster Reverse Crush will also not be a good choice to make a dough.

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What I Like And Dislike In Oster Reverse Crush

What I Like

  • The Best personal blender that offers a superior 1,000-watt motor with 600 watts.
  • The design of the blender is amazing and it can survive for maximum possible years.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of the apparatus are hassle-free.
  • The six cups are huge and secured with tight caps.
  • Filler cups that helps to remove liquids while blending are amazing.
  • The two pre-programmed settings are every housewives problem solver.
  • Comes with a three-year satisfaction guarantee and also a one year warranty.

What I Dislike

  • This machine can’t run for a long time at once and might get burned.
  • More water is necessary to break up tough ingredients.
  • Doesn’t capable of making a dough.

Final Thought

There are many Best blender reviews where words of praises have made this the best shake blender. Starting From its energy to being user-friendly, it is flawless. It has become immensely popular among the city people. This model is one of the favorites within the brand category. The six-hundred-watt motor works with so much power that you would see the efforts in your drinks. The stainless steel blades are also sharp enough to deal with large ingredients. In short, this product will only bring a solution to your kitchen task. The Oster Reverse Crush is an ideal choice to ensure smooth and consistent blending.

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