How to use Ninja blender?

How to use Ninja blender?

If you’ve ever admired how to use a Ninja blender, and its a familiar point!
Ninja blenders are professional, sturdy and powerful types of blenders. It has one unique feature that is the blades are stacked and which helps to pulverize rather than chop up the food. So, you can make a tasty, nutrient-rich delicious smoothie drink. With a little practice, you can regulate the blender very effortlessly. If you have any questions about using, cleaning and warranty for your specific model then monitor your instruction manual to eliminate the difficulty.

So, How to use Ninja blender! Lets follow the steps:

How to use Ninja blender

1. Follow the instructions for assembly:

In case of an intact blender, firstly need to assemble properly before use. Monitor the appropriate instruction manual that came with your specific ninja model. For assembling, attach the pitcher to the base and put the stacked blade assembly onto the shaft.

2. Plugin the ninja blender:

Your blender will not work if it is not unplugged in and gets insufficient electricity. So, find the cord and plug it into a socket in your adorable kitchen and obviously confirm that it gets sufficient electricity and cannot be unplugged in its location.

3. Open up the lid:

A rectangular button is placed on the top of the lid. Then press the button to open up & remove the lid.

4. Add your ingredients into the pitcher:

For blending, select appropriate vegetables and fruits that make your drinks tasty. In case of large vegetables, its necessary to chop up before putting it into the blender, otherwise, you can put the whole size fruits or vegetables into the blender. When you use banana, Orange, mango then peel it before putting into the blender.

To keep the blender effective and operable for a longer period so you should care about these things:
  • Avoid using hot ingredients and
  • If you put ice cubes or frozen drinks in the blender, then the blades may become dull. So special care should be taken to avoid this problem.
Before you choose a setting, make sure that the lid is locked down properly.

5. Check to see if the lid is locked:

If the red light is blinking, your blender will not work it indicates that the lid is not closed and locked properly. It is a common problem with ninja blender. To solve this problem, the lid is closed and locked properly by pushing all the way down on the container.

6. Make sure the white arrows on your blender are aligned:

A white arrow is situated on the lid and the handle. If it is not aligned properly then the red light is still blinking and the blender doesn’t work. So to move the lid until the white arrow on the lid aligns with the arrow on the handle and the red light blinking is stopped.

7. Fit the pitcher on the base of the blender:

If the pitcher is not aligned properly on the base of the blender, then the red light is blinking. If the pitcher is not placed properly then it will not rotate and the blender doesn’t work. To remove the pitcher and place it back on the base and check the rotation of the blender.

After following corrections, if the red light is still blinking then call the ninja blender customer service for consultation.

8. Choose a setting:

Ninja blender comes with 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions.

You can choose the speed 1, 2 or 3. Select speed 1 for mixing, speed 2 for blending and speed 3 for chopping. Also, choose the pulse setting for chopping and processing. Then, activate the blender by using the hold button and hold it down until it comes with your satisfactory consistency.

Hence, it comes with a single-serve option then remove the pitcher and insert the cap and add your ingredients to press the single-serve option to blend and provide enough for one serving whatever you wish to make.

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