How to crush ice without a blender?

How to crush ice without a blender?

When your blender is none functioning and you need to crush ice immediately. And you are thinking, “How to crush ice immediately without a blender.” Then this remedy article is appropriate for you. Just take some ice cubes from your freezer, throw it in a lewis bag or cocktail shaker and crush away. To crush her without a blender, follow the procedures that are given below:


Firstly, grab some ice cubes from the freezer before you’re going to crush it. You can use any size of ice cubes but easier to crush the same sizes of ice cubes or pieces.


Then place the ice into the lewis bag. Lewis bag is a canvas bag that is used for crushing ice. If you don’t have a lewis bag then you can use a clean, lint-free towel or pieces of clean canvas cloth. Canvas cloth or canvas bag is appropriate for crushing ice cubes because it absorbs extra water so you can get dry crushed ice. Also, you can use a plastic bag but it can’t absorb extra water.


Place the lewis bag or plastic bag in the hard surface that won’t get damaged. Hence the ice will start to melt as soon as remove it from the freezer so the process is done so quickly.


After that grab a wooden mallet or another hard object for crushing the ice. If you don’t have a wooden mallet, then use a kitchen utensil such as meat tenderized or rolling pin. Then smash the ice inside the bag and get crushed ice.
Also, you haven’t enough accessory then you use a regular hammer. It also acts like a wooden mallet or a kitchen utensil.


Open the bag and check the size of the crushed ice. If you get the desired size, then stopped smashing the ice. Then use it as soon as possible and the extra cube can store for your next use.

B. Crushing ice in a cocktail shaker:


Take an adequate amount of ice from the freezer and put it in a cocktail shaker. It is used for making a single drink. It doesn’t matter that you make a cocktail or any type of juice.


Then hold the cocktail shaker and put on any hard and flat surface like a countertop or sturdy table. Also, you can use a sturdy glass or container to crush ice. But make confirm that it is able to tolerate the beat from the muddler.


Use a sturdy muddler to smash the ice. Smash down directly in the cocktail shaker until it comes into your desired consistency, texture and size.


Q. What if I don't have a wooden mallet or hammer?

Nothing to worry if you don’t have a wooden mallet or hammer, you can use meat tenderized or rolling pin or any heavy objects like- sturdy cover book.

Q. Can I use the gentle squeezer to make crushed ice?

Of course, you can use a gentle squeezer to make crushed ice, if it acts as a blender or food processor. But if it acts as a juice squeezer, you can’t use to make crushed ice.

Q. How can I store the extra crushed iced for later?

After crushing, store the extra crushed ice immediately in a plastic or sealable freezer bag and keep in the freezer for next use.

Q. If I don't store the crushed ice immediately, what happens?

Try to store crushed ice immediately because it has a large surface area so absorbs heat quickly. Then, it melts rapidly than a bigger piece so, you can get cold liquid.

Q. if the plastic bag or cocktail shaker is unavailable, how can I make crushed ice?

Just grab a clean towel and place on a hard-working surface as if it can’t damage pressure; take an adequate amount of ice and place in the center of the towel. Then fold the four corners of the towel inward and tightly hold together with a rubber band. Finally, with heavy objects like- hammer or rolling pin, beat the packet of ice until you get crushed ice.

Q. Did you need to put a bag of water in the freezer then when it was all done you whacked it?

Crushing ice from a large chunk is a very difficult task. So making crushed ice, use small sizes ice cubes, it is best to get fine and even texture.

Q. can I make ice cubes without water?

Yeah, you can do it with the same procedure. So, just fill the ice cube tray with fruit juices, carbonated water or any flavored drinks and keep into the freezer until formed ice.


In conclusion, crushing ice without a blender is possible, just need to know some tricks and patience to try another method. Finally, get fine-textured crushing ice with some manual home appliances.

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