How to Clean a Blender?

How to Clean a Blender?

I love my blender very much because, with the help of my blender I can make tastier, delicious, ultra-rich nutrient drinks and also use it for many purposes. So, it’s our responsibility to keep it clean and germ-free. But not to worry, let me tell you how to clean a blender quick and easily!

Though most of the people think cleaning a blender is risky and time-wasting. But if we can’t clean it properly then it occurs microorganism’s contamination and leads to various health hazards. So, we should clean it properly after every use.

Cleaning a blender is very easy if you follow some tricks and hacks. For quick and prosperous clean, you can blend water with dish soap or for a deep clean you can scrub it with a sponge or if you haven’t sufficient time to clean it immediately then it fills with soap and water mixture and cleans it with your appropriate time.

1. Cleaning the pitcher

a. Blend dish soap:

Blender pitcher is filled halfway with warm water and added a few drops of dish soap. Then blend it with low speed for a minute until foamy consistency appears and confirm that the lid is fully secured otherwise it comes off and spread soapy water everywhere. Finally, pour out the foamy consistency mixture and rinse with normal water until it is properly clean.

b. Use a lemon to remove stains:

The blender pitcher is filled halfway with water and added a few drops of dish soap. Then add a few drops of lemon juice or half a lemon which is coarsely squeezed. Then blend it with low speed for a few minutes and it helps to remove the stains from the pitcher and looks fresh.

If the lemon is unavailable, then white vinegar is used instead of lemon. But its smell is not pleasant like lemon.

c. Scrub the stubborn stains:

Put a small amount of water and dish soap into the blender then rub it with a rough sponge, steel wool or a toothbrush, depending on the strength of the cracked on the matter.

d. Soak a very dirty blender overnight:

Firstly, pour a cup of white vinegar into the pitcher and add a half cup of baking soda and a few drops of dish soap. After a few minutes, blend the mixture and let it soak into the pitcher for at least a few hours. Later a few hours have passed then pour out the mixture and rinse it with normal water until it is properly clean.

d. Soak a very dirty blender overnight:

After proper cleaning of the inside of the pitcher then keep the pitcher upside-down on a suitable place and give enough time to dry it properly. Otherwise, a moist interior provides an environment for bacterial growth.

2. Cleaning the base

a. Wipe off the base:

During working on the blender, the base of the blender may get dusty or stain from dropped ingredients. Then, wipe off the base with clean cloth or sponge is soaked in warm soapy water and squeeze it out until it is damp.
Do not wash the base because it contains the electronic motor and power system for the appliance. So clean the exterior parts of the base and do not sink the whole base in water.

b. Clean the base before it dries:

If any ingredients dropped onto the surface of the base of the blender, then clean it immediately. Because certain substances may become sticky or produce stain as they become dry. Then it will be more difficult to clean properly.

c. Clean control buttons:

Use a soft nail brush to clean the button. Make a mixture of water and a small amount of dish soap or detergent. Then dip the brush into this and gently scrub between the buttons on the blender. Before applying it to the button area, shake it to remove excess materials and ensure it only moist with adequate materials.
Or applying rubbing alcohol with a cotton bud and gently scrub around the button. Hence, the rubbing alcohol dries quickly and evaporate. So, if any moisture remains on the blender base it wipes off with a dry cloth or sponge.

3. Cleaning the blades

a. Remove and clean separately:

If the blades are still dirty after cleaning the pitcher with dish soap, then wash the blades separately. To remove the pitcher from the base and unscrew the blade from the floor of the blender pitcher. Then wash them with dish soap and hot water. And scrub it with a sponge or toothbrush or clean cloth to remove debris. Hence the blades are extremely sharp so extra care should be taken to clean them.

b. Use polident antibacterial tablets:

If the blades are extremely dirty, then you can use polident tablets. Then the pitcher is filled with hot water and drops in two polident tablets and let soak for at least half an hour. Then pour out and rinse it with normal water.

Also, you remove the blade from the pitcher and sink them into the water and drop two provident tablets. It can clean up any tough stains. And it is available in the drugstores.

c. Lubricate the gasket:

The gasket is a rubber piece that separates the pitcher from the base. It can be cleaned using vegetable oil or olive and remains flexible.

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