Housmile Smoothie Blender 7-Piece Countertop

This Housmile Smoothie Blender is one of the latest gadgets that has made enough name. To make your day effortless and productive you can get this personal blender. This is one of the Best blender for smoothies made of plastic. It is the best budget blender offering pretty speed and a powerful engine. Pulverization of fruits, vegetables, and super-foods isn’t a tough job for this gadget. You would unlock a number of nutritious protein shakes and green smoothies. It comes in color black and suits any area. I am going to review it for you and try to help you make a decision.

We’ll try to find out what’s going on with this popular blender. It is undeniably one of the best quality things to avail at this price. This personal size blender does a fine job with food items. The blender with travel Lid and two travel sports bottle is a good deal to crack. However, I would still like to write about my complete feeling with this blender.
The Best personal blender with contemporary, efficient design. The gadget is black and yet stylish. The blender would look excellent in your office or in your home. It would complement the area with its sleek and marvelous design. The best smoothie blender is also easy to operate and handle. It is the Best blender for the money that only requires one touch. This powerful blender can function completely without any hand support. Also the cleaning up doesn’t require a lot of time and energy. It is dishwasher safe and barely needs any special attention.
The Housmile Smoothie Blender offers compact power. This is a blender that relies on a very powerful motor. The blender is small but yet the performance is very commanding. The three-hundred-watt motor can crush and pulverize efficiently. It can handle ice, frozen fruits, and more. Also, this is one of the Best blenders that is portable. You do not need to get late while having your morning breakfast. You can get your drinks along with yourself. The travel bottle will carry your shakes. The sports lid is the helpful feature that lets the smoothie stay in the bottle safely.
It is the best smoothie maker for folks who lead the most hectic lifestyle. You can take smoothies to the office, gym or class, in the car or in your bag. Also, this Best blender for the money guarantees safety for their customers. They promise to keep the health and safety of the user in mind and build a gadget. The plastic used in making the blender is BPA less. There’s no chance of chemical leaking to your drinks and shakes. Each time you blend a glass of smoothie you do not need to worry about the quality of the smoothie. It blends the elements with perfection and the end product is amazing to taste.


  • Housmile Smoothie Blender has the most exquisite design. The Best blender for smoothies is beautifully made with a nice finish. This blender is useful and also an elegant gadget to add decoration at your place.
  • The Best blender for ice since the motor is powerful enough to crush ice into snow. The three-hundred-watt motor can deal with a number of food items.
  • The hand free features make the blender an easy thing to handle. Anyone can understand how to operate it without hassle.
  • The design is dishwasher safe so the blender is effortlessly easy to clean. The maintenance doesn’t require heavy sweat.
  • The portability of the gadget is amazing. It comes with two travel lids. The user can carry shakes easily on the move.
  • These brand always offer a hundred percent safe and healthy juice blending. The material is chemical resistant and BPA free. So there is no worrying about the safety of the drinks.

Good Side

  • The Housmile Personal Blender is an ideal everyday blending equipment. People mostly need a blender for standard use. And if you count yourself one of them then this is the Best personal blender you can have.
  • Looking at the price I just want to tell you the features it offer would pay back for your money. The Best budget blender that performs effectively. It offers the best blender value by taking the simplest responsibilities. This Best budget blender will help you in pureeing sauces and making shakes.
  • The Housmile Personal Blender is a pro in crushing ice. This Best budget blender is a quality product in the price range. It might seem costly but this gadget is a high-end blender that works as magic.
  • It is the best shake blender that you’ll need if you want to blend delicious shakes and drinks. Also, this gadget can grind cereals into flour. You can try blending hot ingredients in it and it won’t collapse. The outcomes are completely soft purees.
  • It is the Best blender for the money that can well create things such as salsas. And the most amazing adding is the travel cups. I found it astonishing since they helped me carry my favorite mango lassi along with me when I’m off for the office.
  • The operating is smooth and the blending is perfect. There’s no mushiness and chunks of fruits in my drinks. I tried blending frozen fruits and that too didn’t disappoint. You just need to be a little tricky with your blending methods. And each time you’ll blend a perfect glass of heaven.
  • There are a few other high-end blenders in this price range. But the richness of features in this blender is unbeaten-able.

Bad Side

  • However, it might be a little hard to battle with hard vegetables like kale and celery. But it is a fair member of the Best smoothie blenders team undeniably.

What I Like In Housmile Smoothie Blender

  • The capacity of the blender is sixty oz.
  • The engine of this Best personal blender is three hundred watt. The motor is powerful enough to break the toughest ingredient into liquid.
  • The material is BPA-free plastic and also chemical resistant.
  • The gadget is a portable one that could go places with the user. The travel lids are the most loving feature of this apparatus.
  • The smoothies are of great consistency and taste.
  • Also, the speed of the blender is quite nice.
  • This blender comes with a good amount of warranty. It has a lot of reviews saying that this product lasts for a long period.

What I Dislike In Housmile Smoothie Blender

  • The pieces or chunks of a few fruits could get trapped rarely.

Final Thought

Making delicious, nourishing shakes and drinks could get much easier. All you need to do is have this apparatus in your area. This is the Best blender for smoothies anybody would want to own. The functioning ability is a gem that customers have highly praised of. The blending process is neat and doesn’t create a mess. That is also another reason people find it so reliable. There is less fear of short circuit or improper installation. The security switch takes care of any inappropriate setup. The big cooling fan keeps the machine cool. In short, this gadget is a great apparatus that could make your kitchen life so much better. This blender is people’s favorite for so many good reasons and I hope I have clear them out. People have praised it as a great appliance to own. And So Housmile Personal Blender has made a place in almost every Best blender reviews.

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