14 Best blenders for smoothies to suit any budget

14 Best blenders for smoothies to suit any budget

The Best blender for smoothies is one vital need of tackle in smoothie provision. Lacking it, there could be no drink. It softens, pastes and blends the whole thing. Particular people even use it to crush dry elements. Picking the kind of blender for smoothies you would be needing hinge on the kind and regularity of use. The maximum expensive does not essentially have to be the finest one for your wants. In spending for a mixer for smoothies, there are clear features to look out for. In this Best blender reviews, we would like to point them out.

The Best Smoothies Blenders 2020 | Around Top Choice and Reviews

ProductProduct NameKey FeaturesRating out of 5Price guideUser Feedback
Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms BlenderOster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender- 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts;
- Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty
4LowVery Good

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NutriBullet Magic BulletNutriBullet Magic Bullet- High-torque power base and 600-watt motor;
- 1-year warranty and access to hundreds of smoothie recipes;

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Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen SystemNinja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System- 1200-Watt base with a Touchscreen Display;
- BPA free and dishwasher safe

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Housmile Personal Blender with Travel LidHousmile Personal Blender with Travel Lid- Dishwasher safe too for easy cleanup, -Power(300w),22000r/min, Easy to use,4LowVery Good

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Ninja Professional Blender 1100 WattsNinja Professional Blender 1100 Watts- 1100 watts with 3 speeds,
72 oz. Total Crushing Pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds,

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Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along BottleEpica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle- Powerful motor and heavy duty stainless steel blades, - Break resistant bpa-free mixer jar, - 100% risk-free 2-year warranty4.2LowVery Good

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KitchenAid 5-Speed BlenderKitchenAid 5-Speed Blender- Stainless Steel Blade,
- Intelli-Speed Motor Control,
4.4ModerateVery Good

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Vitamix Standard BlenderVitamix Standard Blender- Ten variable speeds allow,
- clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds,

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Ninja Master Prep Professional ChopperNinja Master Prep Professional Chopper and Food Processor- Frozen blending and perfect, even chopping,
- Includes: 400 Watt Power Pod, 48 oz
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Aicok Immersion Blender, 5 Speed Hand BlenderAicok Immersion Blender, 5 Speed Hand Blender- Equipped with Turbo Blade with max power for 700W, - 4-in-1 Immersion Blender is designed,
- Safety Assurance
4.1LowVery Good

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OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 Immersion Hand BlenderOXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender- Powerful Hand Blender with 6 speeds + turbo,
- Dishwasher Safe and BPA Free

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Blendtec Total Blender ClassicBlendtec Total Blender Classic- Commercial-quality 1,560-watt 3 peak horsepower direct-drive motor, - 8-Year manufacturer warranty,4.1HighExcellent

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NutriBullet Magic BulletAicok Smoothie, Personal and Professional Blender- 1200W powerful motor with revolving speed up to 24000 ~ 28000,
- Easy to go and clean,
- Two years warranty
4.5LowVery Good

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This particular blender is a hard, tough and a reasonably priced. This device came in the first month of 2007. It is surely the Best blender for smoothies and other kinds of blending. This gadget is comparatively rudimentary. It has a glass jug and it is solid enough to suit under maximum kitchen cupboards. Oster makes a place in every Best blender reviews because it has a very good brand status. That is why you do not have to question its worth. It is one of the most popular countertop liquidizers on the marketplace currently. This is the Best blender for smoothies since it blends frozen food fairly fine.

In recent times, all Oster merchandises made available a three-year limited assurance. Also, they assured a ten-year regulated warranty for each-metal drive portions. The checked warranty denotes that all shipping prices are on the patron’s pouch. Also, any obligatory cares for the gadget might need further costs. There must be a proof that the one has bought this gadget. After that, they can get the advantage of Warranty. This Best blender for smoothies also moves with a thirty-day cash back certification.

This is the best personal smoothie maker because of its fine consistency drinks. They are easy to make from soft berry and veggies with zero difficulties. You need to know a few tactics if you want to use it as the best blender for green smoothies. Just simply use the manual great speed for two or three minutes. It might also need random stirring. And you’ll get the seamlessly smooth juices from tough fruits and veggies. Thought it could be the Best blender for the money you would like to pay.
While making smoothies, there might be foam on the top of the juice. Simply blend on a less speed for an extra thirty seconds. The air sacks and foam would disappear. If you are a fitness freak then your list has protein shakes on top. Just use this best personal smoothie maker and make yourself any shake of your choice. Next, simply pulse some whey protein into your smoothie. You’ll love it! This gadget is well supported with a backlit display.
It also has seven speeds available. Low, Medium and High which helps in crushing ice. It has two pulse sets, Low Pulse along with High Pulse. And two pre-set settings. One is for chopping foods and the other one is for frozen Juices. Another lovely feature that makes it the Best blender for smoothies. So, as one of the Best smoothie blenders, It’s Frozen Drink options can work for shakes and smoothies. It starts with the blade in one route and then repeatedly backing it in opposite route. It continues to do so until the full blending is perfectly done. This feature makes it the best blender for ice and frozen fruit.
Commercial smoothie machine would assure additional benefits for the money. The Food Chop program is another additional gift that only Best blender for the money can assure. The first five speed options are for the manual function of the mixer. They work in one way. Which is fine. The pulse switches function till you press them. The basic three-speed settings are operational until one push the Stop button. The Best blender for smoothies will have more pros than cons. And in this case, the result is very positive.


  • Great functional ability with the reasonable price makes it the Best budget blender.
  • Has all metallic fittings as well as blade collection.
  • The blender comes with a good three-year juicer warranty
  • The motor warranty is for ten years.
  • The high-quality glass pitcher assures that your drinks are safe from the chemical.


  • It is highly appropriate for smoothies and shakes. But you do not get other functionality. But then again it is best in this price

Final Thoughts

This product is customer’s favorite and has high ratings on Amazon. Also, it is the perfect value for money with great functionality. So in our view, this is surely one of the most preferable and best blender for smoothies.With a little bit of expertise, you would be able to make more use out of it. And then it might also prove to be the best blender for green smoothies as well. With the fine consistency of the liquid and the bull powered motor it proves to be the best. The excellent performance and well-built looks have won our hearts already. It would be a smart investment for people who are looking for the Best blender for smoothies.

This blender is stress-free to use, harmless, movable, reasonable, and rich in feature. All this quality makes the NutriBullet a great pick for the best personal smoothie maker. If you are looking for the Best blenders this could be the end of your seek. This one brand manufacture is one of the greatest and prevalent blenders on the bazaar. Each one of them is different but equally good. This twelve piece equipment is in the higher-end of the concern’s creation line. It can chop for you. It can easily grind or even shred. And of course, it magically blends food items. This is the Best blender for smoothies that will keep you enriched with proper nutrition. It is the best budget blender you can get.

The vessel system available is extra modified than most of the other models. For example, you do not deal with any washing and cleaning separately. For folks who desire for unlike smoothies as well as shakes, this could be the ultimate solution. You do not have to gather extra cups or glasses, as each of the blending cups fits without a glitch. As a result, this is undeniably a very opportune and handy choice of a blender.

The company promises a long list of good-looking aspects. It has all the qualities the Best blender for smoothies would have. The blender has high torque power with a six-hundred-watt power base attached. The plastic body is long-lasting. The appearance is simple but stunning and smart. There are no buttons or switches. It carries pressure cup feet at the bottom lock on the countertop. The blending containers are changeable. They perform as the storage or serving glasses. To grind there is the milling blade. While to make smoothies there is the extractor blade. It has 2 short and 1 tall total 3 cups, with 2 storage caps in the cups. The blade works in a cyclonic manner and it is original. You can avail the blender in 3 colors. Each and every part are dishwasher safe. It makes a huge space in our list of the few Best smoothies blenders.


  • Get the essential nutrients from the tough foods.
  • Flax seeds and coffee beans grind very well.
  • Get the whole veggie or fruit blended with almost no wastage making it the Best blender for the money.
  • The motor is not noisy.
  • The best and easy blender for people who are in rush.
  • The design is very minimal, simple and preferable for a smart looking kitchen.
  • It maintains the heaven of fresh, complete elements. All this along with the finest smoothness possible.
  • Little man and convenient.
  • Long-lasting shell.
  • Three amazing colors to choose from
  • Comes with a handful of healthy recipes.
  • Get a number of sizes of cups.
  • Storage or serving is stress-free with the available cups.
  • Uses very less counter-space.


  • Sometimes the green veggies get stuck and you have to remove it from the base.
  • Not so good with crushing ice.

Final Thoughts

If you go through a few Best blender reviews you would notice its popularity. It has gathered numbers of satisfactory reviews. Also, this model is the best selling model on Amazon. It has more than four out of five stars and seventy percent of them have rated it on a higher scale. The features are too many to prove that it is probably the Best blender for the money anyone would like to spend.

Overall this blender is an excellent choice for huge families or even the single guys. With hardly any cons it gives a tough competition to each product on our list. And so it surely could be the Best blender for smoothies that you are looking for.

Ninja blenders are another blender brand is popular in the blender society. And so we can’t imagine our list of best personal smoothie maker without it. Anybody who loves liquid foods would die to have small gadgets. Such as blenders to coffee makers and even food processors. But as a matter of fact, kitchen cabinets are not so used to a whole lot of chocked appliances. And not all foodies live in mansions with large kitchen space. And so, storing these gadgets can be an issue.

This product with the coolest intelli-sense can be the ultimate solution. It doesn’t only work as the Best blender for smoothies but it can do other jobs as well. It can play the role of a powerful blender and a food processor. It could be even used as a food spiralizer. A blender with all in one appliance you would possibly need. To make your task easy it also tells how long you should blend, crush, or slice your stuff. It has a powerful built-in clever technology. It senses when the slicing or blending could be over. It is one of the Best blenders if we talk about its smart and space-saving features. We also found it to be the best blender for ice and frozen fruit.

Now let’s know further details about the Best smoothie blenders we are talking about. The Ninja CT682SP is a high-dominance, excellent functioning four-in-one gadget. The technique hinges on a high power twelve hundred Watt smooth base unit. It comes along with four dissimilar containers. Hence, this is not merely the Best blender for smoothies but also for other food products. The first vessel is a seventy-two oz. crushing blender. The second thing included is a sixty-four oz. Precision Processor. Also, there are a Single-Serve Cup and a nice Auto-Spiralizer. Not only this, all add-ons do not include BPA. It also ensures dishwasher-safe for quick and mess-free cleanup.


  • The appliance is very powerful.
  • The design is smart and simple to utilize.
  • Does the job of four single handily.


  • Not a good choice to blend hot soups.

Final Thought

So if you are seeking for a solo multi-function tiny kitchen tool, go for it. It can play the role of the Best blender for smoothies along with other apparatus. It can perform as a countertop blender and food processor. Also, it could be a vegetable spiralizer. All these features make it the Best budget blender. This marvelous mechanism is also the best ice crusher for smoothies. The accessories are simple to gather, take to pieces and wash. The controller interface is spontaneous and relaxed to use. Moreover, it is smart with chef-stimulated pre-set lineups. They are mechanically harmonized to the vessel involved.

Despite the only con it has, we would suggest this multi-use kitchen arrangement. It is a powerful and the Best blender for smoothies undoubtedly. The features are excellent and execute very well. And also we now can make more room for the next must-have little gadget buddy. So, for the ones who need a multi-functionality of an appliance, this is the best choice. The perfect all-in-one liquidizer. It works excellently as a food processor, single-serve smoothie producer, and veggie spiralizer. It is surely one quality good you would love to spend your money on.

This Personal Blender outlook originates from one of the most popular vendors, Housmile. They are popular for their research and expansion. They invent modish and valuable everyday substances for more than two years. They have a very wise propaganda of many Best blender for smoothies. They are the one who always tries to grant well-being, security & services to customers. They promise a lot of everyday items with the purpose to bring people an expedient way of life. This Personal Blender is one of the advanced apparatus making a place in hearts. One of the most useful typical models of Best blenders to have. It works fine also as the best ice crusher for smoothies. It ensures that one live everyday effortlessly and in the most productive way.

So what are the features that make it the best personal smoothie maker you might be looking for? Let’s know. The juice blender is exquisitely completed with nice quality. It’s a convenient blender as well as a graceful ornamentation to your place or trips. The contemporary, rationalized outlook of this personal blender is an eye-catcher. This lone blender would look great in your kitchenette and match any beautification. Also, this commanding blender only needs one touch. It can then work totally hands-free. It is dishwasher safe also to ensure relaxed cleanup. It has simply one revolving switch for juice mixing. It includes two portable lids for easy transport on the travel. You can have your shake or smoothie with you wherever you need to go. The sports cover makes it stress-free to take on the path to the workplace. Also, you can carry it to sports club or class, in the vehicle or in your handbag. Also, it is the Best personal blender as you can wash this blender with ease. It includes a three-hundred watts motor. It can break and destroy ice, frozen fruits etc. easily. This best budget blender is one hundred percent secure, and strong. It is BPA free for effortless liquid blending.

There have been many kinds of research on the best blender for green smoothies and food items. Their series of the personal blender was always customer favorite. This is because they share a very inspiring idea of living the healthiest life possible. Also, there is a handful of blender that would so effortlessly blend hard icy foods. This blender from housmile is possibly the best blender for frozen drinks. It is on our list of the Best blender for smoothies for some other reasons as well. This Housmile Blender would blend just about all types of fruits and veggies one could need.


  • The frequency is sixty oz. which is really good.
  • A three hundred watt motor.
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Portable gadget.
  • Great consistency of smoothies.
  • The blender has quite good speed.
  • Has a good warranty and also very long-lasting.


  • The flesh of a few fruits might get stuck occasionally.

Final Thought

In our view, this is the finest gadget for getting delicious and nourishing shakes and drinks. The Best blender for smoothies any household would love to have. The functioning ability makes it a gem to own. It is reliable for its effortless manufacturing process. The drain holes included avoids short circuit. No improper installation is possible because there is a security switch as well. Also, it comes with a big cooling fan. This makes sure the motor is not too heated and also takes care of better efficiency. You will get the recommendation to buy this personal blender very often. It makes it place in almost every Best blender reviews on the net.

One more ninja blender has made to our list of the Best blender for smoothies. BL660 is quick and influential enough to control all the fresh veggies and fruits. You would only need to choose what you would like to feed yourself. It mixtures your stuff in less than one minute. This is the Best blender for the money since it’s extremely adaptable. It comes with 2 sizes of jugs. The big one is capable to deal with instant, on-the-go instructions. Also, there are larger capacities to provide your family and pals. The solo serve cups are available with to-go lids for people who are always short of time.

The clean-up procedure is very simple and also the gadget is dishwasher safe. This best budget blender will save you from hassle with a speedy cleanup. You would need to be a little careful since the blade assembly is quite pointed and make sure you use a brush to clean it. So why would this product be the Best blender for smoothies and is it really the perfect choice for you? You’ll know it once you read the next few lines.

If you need a blender that ensures you great worth along with mind-blowing features than this is the one. It is one of the Best smoothie blenders you might like to get. The powerful motor with sharp blades is ready to crush the pure nutrition out the fruit! Sounds heavenly! Plus you can have a flexible speeding setting. Every little detail votes for it in favor for the Best smoothie maker.


  • It is super adaptable.
  • It is a 2-in-1 blender.
  • The containers are the ready-to-go and very hip thing that fits very well into a chaotic lifestyle.
  • The price range is very reasonable for a product so powerful
  • Crushes ice quite well and might be the best blender for frozen drinks.


  • Tough veggies are an issue since it doesn’t blend into a smooth mixture.

As customers, we all need to have the finest worth for our money. We have compared it with other blenders. The ninja blender has most of the finest capabilities of high-end gadgets. This Best blender for smoothies cost a quarter the price of other high-tech blenders. It plays the role of both a huge volume blender and a single vessel blender. That’s two different price blender in one gadget in a satisfactory price. Another way, you would be giving twice as much for 2 discrete machines. This is where the worth card comes in. Two valuable blenders for the price of one is a win. Ninja BL660 is definitely the one Best budget blender you should have. It makes crushing ice into snow powder much easier than most other blenders. It blends fruits and veggies perfectly like the ultimate Best blender for smoothies. It does the job with a nice price tag anybody could afford.

Also, the brand is a popular one having a great reputation in blender industry. It comes with manufacturing defect warranty for one year. For the price, the warranty seems absolutely fine. If you are still not satisfied with the warranty you might get some extended warranties. But people who bought this product doesn’t really seem to have a problem with it. After all, the performance is the main focus. Not everybody and everything is perfect, let’s consider the same for the ninja blenders. Overall, there is no arguing this blender is one of the cheapest best smoothie blenders to get.

Favorite Ninja Recipes

There is another reason we included the ninjas in our Best blender for smoothies review. You will get a number of ninja recipes with the blender. This is a unique try most of the Best blenders companies lack. The Raspberry Mango is my personal favorite. Autumn Latte Lifter will lift anyone’s mood. The Antioxidant Refresher is also very refreshing. This could be the best beginning towards a healthier life.

Final Thoughts

So the pro blender is one of the best smoothie blenders that gives you the perfect service for a fair amount of time. For beginners, this could be the best option for an experiment. It would be easier to find out if one needs a more powerful kitchen gadget in their space. It is the Best blender for smoothies in every way possible. This is also because of it’s a nice simple concept of 2 in 1 blenders abilities. Trying out a trendy blender would be so much better. So if you do not need a blender with super long durability, just go for it now.

Are looking for not only the Best blender for smoothies but also a little more? A tiny, wisely-priced, personal blender that can handle both hot and cold liquids. Epica has a gift for you. You can get the best personal blender for crushing ice and frozen items easily here.

This blender model has a take-along bottle with it. Now you can carry your favorite shakes with you to anywhere. It also includes a twenty-ounce mug with it. You also get a lid that is closable. You don’t have to worry about any leakage when you hold it in your bag. Moreover, the motor is two-hundred-fifty watt which is quite powerful. Not only so, this Best blender for smoothies has heavy stainless steel blade. This blades can complete twenty-three thousand rotations per minute. You would find this product in most of the Best blender reviews you come across. You just need to put whatever you want and trust the effortless power of the motor and blades. It would turn it into delightful smoothies, cocktails, purees.

Also, you can make sauces, icy drinks, dips and so much more. The mug is strong enough and doesn’t collapse. The weight is minimal. Also, it can fight cold and heat with no trouble. The blender isn’t tough to clean at all. Also, the material of the vessel is safe to use. There are also many more features that prove it to be the Best blender for smoothies. For example, they give the client a two-year warranty. So the client need not worry about any repairing expense. It is extremely stylish black blender that would suit any kitchen. The one button on the front is to blend and it’s the only switch on the gadget. So it’s not complicated for the user to use the apparatus. This Best personal blender checks if the vessel is tightly secured and safe to use. That is when the motor lets the blender to work. Otherwise, the secure shut-off feature prevents any blending process.


  • Long durability.
  • A very powerful motor.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space and easy to set up.
  • The vessel is scratch resistant and also it doesn’t break.
  • Comes with a cup to carry along with a secure cap that avoids leakage.
  • One of the best smoothie blenders with lots of recipes to try.
  • The excellent shut-off feature includes great security.
  • The usability is easy and simple.
  • Made of safe material.
  • A simple rinse would be enough to clean it.
  • The vessel can bear any temperature with no problem.
  • The blender includes a long two-year warranty.
  • For budget bunnies, this nominee for Best blender for smoothies could be the most perfect one to pay for. Probably the Best blender for the money.


  • Only one-speed setting to use.
  • Does not blend ice
  • Not a high capacity jar

Final Thoughts

This particular blender will save you a lot of time. And no doubt it deserves the title for the Best blender for smoothies. Just see the number of pros and cons. Clearly, the satisfactory characteristics overtake any negative point. You must take the blender into consideration since it is one of the best blenders in this price range. The versatility, simplicity and extra working abilities are outstanding. All these make it one of the blender for smoothies and other liquid recipes to try. Each morning a glass of fresh nutritious smoothie will cheer you up for a better day. You and your family would love the delicious drinks each day.

The KitchenAid is the brand that too has a good reputation. This model is the Best blender for smoothies that provides the best functioning. It has pulse mode, ice crush mode and five types of speed settings. The BPA-less jug is its excellent features that catch the eye. It could be one of the Best smoothie blenders for its stainless steel blades. Also, it has strong blending controls. It is well known for brilliant blending outcomes. It has a Classic Series assembly. Hard-wearing, covered, steel-armored coupler with twelve linking teeth for the shortest control system. All make it the best one in the field. It has a Stay-put lid feature with a 2-ounce component mug. The Pulse button is fab and ice switches work best. Also, you have a choice of five different types of speed buttons. The mild starting at a lower speed to get food into the blade once you put it. It slowly increases speed to the selected point. Also, there is cord covering the base. The motor is powerful enough with a 0.9 horsepower. The Intelli-Speed regulator makes is sure that the user gets wonderful reliable functioning. Also, there is a one-year manufacturing replacement warranty available with it. The blender is capable of crushing ice perfectly. The self-cleaning mode is nice and the juicing consistency is amazing.

The capacity of the blending container is sixty oz. Plastic is the element used to make the vessel. These are the few features that the manufacturer promises to their customer. And most of them work just fine. Thus this Best blender for smoothies gives superb blending experience. As the Best budget blender, there are a few logical hope. For example, a few frozen drinks include a prime group of a blender’s range. It could be milkshakes, drinks, or margaritas. I was a little nervous. Though, as soon as we start to converse our testing procedure, we tested the blender over its speed. The KitchenAid was amazing in pace. It must be one of the best blenders in every category.

As we tried out KitchenAid, all our uncertainties were absolutely superfluous. It executed on a standard. It performed better than mixers that price more than two hundred dollars. It went well with our tests. It earned our vote for the Best blender for smoothies in this reasonably cheap range. It has a quite sharp aptitude. The KitchenAid would be an outstanding choice. This is for the one who wants to go for the Best blenders that confirms multitasking. This particular blender can do more than just blending frozen chills. Those who are just not only fondled in frozen drinks have got the Best blender for smoothies they can have. Its control panel is too simple. And so the usage is very easy and regular. There is no complicated task at all. You would only need to worry about cleaning three parts. The pitcher, the chief top, and the internal lid. It is also known as the ingredient cup.


  • It is the best personal blender for crushing ice since the preset works very well and fast.
  • The smoothie options and control are totally in the user’s hand.
  • List Item


  • There aren’t too many ice crushing options available.

Final Thoughts

There is a one year warranty and the replacement portions are tough to get by. This thing is quite disappointing but not abnormal. The other features are satisfying. It has a lot worth in the price range and people love it. If you need the Best blender for smoothies, milkshakes, or other frozen drinks, go for it. This blender can work like magic. Especially for people craving for delicious smoothies with nice consistency. Your mornings will not be bad and your spouse would love you even more. We definitely vote it for the best personal blender.

Vitamix is another big name on our list of Best blender for smoothies. Almost every Best blender reviews had made a recommendation for this brand. This model comes with a wet blade and also a sixty-four oz. container. The lid is two-parted and there is an additional vessel. The material of the vessel that comes with one of this best blenders is not breakable. It is BPA-free and chemical harm is not possible. You can see what is happening inside the vessel while blending stuff. It has adjustments available for better measurements. They are available in ounces and other units as well. In short, this model from Vitamix with its marvelous features can be the blender you are looking for.

This gadget is the Best blender for smoothies and a quality thing for the value. You will find a lot of customers talking about the product. Most of them count on the gadget happily. They have testified that the gadget is a reliable one to own. It is of decent size for the family and fun outings too. The capacity to hold smoothies and liquid is huge. People have appreciated it for its great abilities. The designs are in the most perfect way to push food items to the blade. No matter the huge amount you would like it to blend. It doesn’t disappoint you and works very well. It has a handle and a two parted cover on too. You can simply add elements while blending. Another feature that is praiseworthy for sure.

As the Best blender for smoothies, it has flawless processing capabilities. Not only smoothies but also soups. Also, this is one of the Best smoothie blenders that can handle frozen desserts. It blends them into a perfect product without issues. The two-liter capacity container is the big thing to focus on. The user doesn’t have to blend again and again. It saves time and patience effortlessly. The handle is of BPA-free material and it is very comfortable to use also. The blades can do wonders. Because of its design, it ensures a consistent blend every time. The hammer mill and cutting blades are its unique feature to talk about.The lid is spill-proof so adding elements at the time when the apparatus is running is very much possible. This brand should get the award for the best blender 2018 in most of the important field.


  • The Vitamix is not only the Best blender for smoothies but also freezing fruit.
  • It crushes ice seamlessly.
  • It does a far better job in blending green veggies than my old blender. My previous blender continuously left tiny splashes of spinach in my drinks. However, with the Vitamix, I get the perfect smoothness I need. So, a plus one for that!
  • The tamper tool is the best possible thing I can ever imagine. It meets on the cover of the blender and has an edge that stops you from putting in it too far. So I love how I can without worrying about reaching the blades, easily fill the blender as much as I want.


  • The only minus the best blender 2018 has is its sound. It’s a bit noisy. But I don’t mind since I make smoothies when nobody is sleeping.

Final Thoughts

We have done our research. We have found out why this smoothie is so appreciated as the Best blender for smoothies. This brand lasts very long and hardly encounter problems. While the majority of the other brand falls apart by the 4th year, this particular one survives till so. There is a very low percentage of damage reported by the customers. The motors don’t easily burn and the blades also are strong enough to not break. Leakage is another trouble which most of the blender face a lot. But Vitamix has a good reputation in not having these issues at all.

So when a blender lasts long anybody would appreciate the price range even if it’s a little much. People who bought the blender didn’t have to worry about any reparation cost. Hence it proves to be the Best budget blender surviving for years in kitchens. Also, we vote it as the Best blender for smoothies because of its trustworthy brand. We found out that most of the consumers have reported it to be the reliable and satisfactory gadget. So anyone who wants a brand that would do more than just blending soft things can opt for this option. Vitamix is clearly a strong kitchen asset to own in any household.

One more ninja blender on our list since this brand has impressed us and most of the people a lot. This one Ninja product will change your idea of blending and reform the approach you blend. It is quick and efficient in chopping, blending and pureeing. This product is one of the Best blenders that guarantees blending lacking the dread of lumps. Also, there is no mushiness in the end invention. This model is the Best blender for smoothies and won a few big awards. It won the prestigious Housewares Design Award.

It has forty oz. and forty-eight oz. five to six cups available with it. So the vessel capacity is good enough to suit dissimilar cooking requirements. Also, the motor power is four-hundred W which is a bit low. But yet ninja blender is an exceedingly operative blending engine. There are four-blade and six-blade assemblies available. Also, the pitcher, cap, and lid are dishwasher safe components. The user also gets a two cup or sixteen oz. chopper cup capacity. It can efficiently chop different kinds of fruits and veggies. The personal size chop vessel can chop any type of whole foods.

The pulse is the only speed option and the consumer gets a one year warranty. The material is complete BPA free and the blades are of Stainless steel. There is a two feet long cord stuff box attached to the back of the base. In short with the ninja you get the best blender value.


  • This is the Best blender for smoothies at an extremely low price. It has a very cheap price range regarding the features it has.
  • This Best blender for smoothies can also crush ices in seconds. The consumers are worshiping the high power blades which can cut ice, crush it into flakes in a few moments.
  • It gives you the perfectly tasting smoothies without creating any mushiness.
  • It is the Best personal blender for a number of customers for its super easy cleaning feature.
  • The blending abilities have made a remarkable appreciation among the users. Its blade assembly makes blending procedure quite perfect.
  • The smoothies are of good consistency and the whole nutrition stays with the food.
  • Food items do not remain in chunky pieces.
  • The design makes it the Best blender for smoothies by making the whole space able to help in the blending.
  • The element of the blender is eco-friendly. This ensures no toxin or harmful chemical enters the end product.
  • The best blender value in the personal blender market.


  • The only problem that the ninja product has is its noise while blending. People have noticed that the Ninja Master Prep does a lot of sounds while processing food items. This is more likely to happen when whole foods are in the blending vessel. This might happen when a high beating function is going on the blender for an item.

Final Thoughts

The Ninja Master Prep blender might not the best choice for making entirety. But it is undoubtedly the Best blender for smoothies. You would love to have the blender as a part of your kitchen. It is one of those products that have great praises in most of the Best blender reviews.There are a few things that make the blender stand out from the other. People who are in a hurry and always in a rush would love it. It is the Best blender for smoothies that needs only a few moments. The cups are of great use.

Anything from smoothies to shakes and also soups will taste awesome once you use the ninjas. People love the functioning ability and its quickness. The general public loves the blender. The Amazon reviews are the perfect proof. Most of the reviews are in favor of Ninjas. This is the Best blender for smoothies for the people who appreciate smart gadgets. They would love to have it in their kitchen.

We didn’t put it high enough since they are a new company. They just made their mini steps into the kitchen world. But surely they have the right to fit in our Best smoothie blenders list for a number of reasons. They are very new and just had few years in the business. So you would probably not hear about it at all. But we would like to tell a few words about this particular value gadget. By the way, Aicok products are only obtainable on Amazon for obvious reasons. They are new but have best blender value within. We would discuss in detail about this Best blender for smoothies. You would find a web space where you can complain and contact to the company. However, there is not purchasing option available. Now let’s go through the features and find out if it’s worth the discussion. This four-in-one blender set has a marvelous design. It is champion in blending, chopping, whipping, whisking and pureeing. You can also emulsify through it. These things depend wholly on the user’s cooking errands. It comes with a seventeen oz. food processor and a twenty-one oz. beaker. There is also a whisk attached. This is the gadget that would upgrade your kitchen in the best way.

This is the Best blender for smoothies for its unique speed settings. There are six-speed settings with two Turbo settings available. We loved the three-hundred-fifty-watt power motor. It gave us the complete control with the modifiable six-speed dial. I can use the turbo settings for increasing speed and normal ones are for regular blending. This blender has a good durability making it one of the Best budget blender. The four-blades are of stain steel that won’t easily collapse or damage. Rusting is not an issue since the material is highly resistant to those kinds of problems. Also, the long stick coming with it goes down the blender deep and helps the user to blend effortlessly. So its functionality makes it the best cheap blender for smoothies by far. This Best blender for smoothies has a click action easy removal feature in it. It makes cleaning an easy thing for the user. It has a dishwasher-safe blender foot. Also, there is three-year warranty coming with it which is long enough for the price. Hence, the blender is an ultimate choice to make.


  • With a three-hundred-fifty watt motor, it is a very powerful blender.
  • The chopper attachment is a great thing to use for processing foods.
  • The price is in the reach for budget bunnies.


  • The company is new and it comes in the only black.

Final Thoughts

This blender is strong apparatus that can replace small gadgets of anyone’s kitchen. We loved the chopping attachment. This vessel is sturdy enough to dual as a food processor. Also, the whisk attachment manages a lot of kitchen tasks effortlessly. It could be the Best blender for smoothies and other foods. It does a moderate job and could be one of the Best blenders in such low price. The motor is the eye-catcher and it works as magic. The power is higher in par with the price it comes in. Since it is surely the best budget blender 2018 for us. We loved the over-all features that blenders with high range also can’t tackle.

The Oxa brand blender is another four-in-one apparatus in our list. The pieces that come along make it more adaptable and a should-have kitchen tool to own. It is a worthy nominee for our list of Best blender for smoothies. We will have a look at them separately. But before that, we need to tell you what it comes with. The blender includes a five-hundred ml food processor container. This comes along with another six-hundred ml blending beaker. There is a Stick Blender as well as a Whisk Attachment. This blender is the best cheap blender for smoothies and processing various foods.This Best blender for smoothies is a great four-in-one hand blender. It could do a number of things. I can make salsa or my favorite cauliflower rice. Also, I have the chance to alter the tackles on it and use the beater to whisk up some eggs I need for my baking. I love to use it to make smoothies since it chops fruits so well. Putting yogurt and stuff is what I do next and in seconds I can have my smoothie. There are two types of speed settings to use. Also, the cleaning and maintaining are impressive. In short, it is the Best personal blender in our view.

The liquidizer’s shaft and cutting edge are of stainless steel. These blades are really very sharp and so you need to be careful when controlling. This Best personal blender has a food-processor like we said earlier. It handles guacamole and other thick dishes quite well. The motor beats so that the perfect size chunks are there as like anybody would want. This works as the Best blender for smoothies and other shakes as well. Everything is better with super-fast blending speed. The whisking and whipping are easy when I use the blender. It also has a splash guard that effectively avoid splash. This best smoothie maker has earned a lot of stars in most of the Best blender reviews available. The material is BPA-free and so the drinks are safe to drink.


  • It is a tiny apparatus and not heavy at all.
  • Nice Controlling.
  • Appropriate and simple to use
  • Laidback to clean
  • Silent
  • Can perform more than one task
  • Not so expensive.


  • The manufacturer is not known. Also, the website is not so educational, communication info is not there.

Final Thoughts

The blender is the blender for smoothies for anyone seeing for a cheap multi-handy mixer. If you want a liquidizer, food processor, and beater, this can be the one. There are a lot of happy customers who view it as the Best blender for smoothies and an effective apparatus. You can have a look at other reviews as well if you have certain questions about the product. In our view, this is a complete packet of functionality. People have called it reliable and loved it. Even if there are a few doubts about the company. But if the thing works well what’s the point of knowing the brand. Sometimes the non-brand works much well then the branded expensive stuff. You can give it a try and see if this is the best personal smoothie maker that works well for you. It’s cheap enough to try and maybe in a few years, it would be on the list of the best budget blender 2018. Let’s see!

People look for the Best blender for smoothies that manages the toughest factors. If you are one of them then you are at the right place. This is one particular product you must look forward to. This classic is from one of the best brands in blender expertise. Moreover, you get a lot of features and functionality with it. This single gadget works as nine separate apparatus. It successfully slices, crushes, purees, and blends. Blending soups, sauces, pastes, and even frozen drinks are too easy when you have this product. The handy design helps to use it as the Best blender for smoothies. And what’s exciting is it comes from a manufacturer that is very well known in this field. They have a very interesting tagline and it’s true. They assure that if you buy their blender you would spend your money for your last blender. Let’s go in further about what plusses you get.

There are amazing speed settings and preprogrammed six different timed settings. With all this, it is probably the best smoothie maker you can have. All you need to do is switch and do whatever you want to do. The motor shuts itself by one cycle. The stainless steel single blade is another bright feature. They come along with original wingtips that do fast work.


  • It is unbeatable as the Best blender for smoothies in performance.
  • Does the job of nine different gadget and one of the easiest Best smoothie blenders to use.
  • It comes with ten-speed settings
  • It has six timed settings for, ice cream, crushed ice, smoothies, batters, hot soup, and whole juice
  • The motor shuts on each cycle
  • The blades are of the tough element and could crush the roughest foodstuff.
  • The blades are permanently attached so no fear of blades coming of while blending.


  • Speed is a little rapid and it is a bit loud while blending.

Final Thoughts

This is one of those Best blenders that do more than just a blender. We would vote it for the best budget blender with the perfect consistency you can have. Green veggies, ice cubes or tough frozen fruits. Each time you get the perfect creamy consistency without any lumps. There’s even a convenient Smoothie button. Making it the best blender for smoothies that can breeze the entire process. Just get rid of your old chopper or the processor you have. This is one perfect apparatus anybody would love to have. If you are ready in investing a little bit more, go for it! In our opinion, this is the Best blender for smoothies, but that’s just the start of what you can make with it. There’s a lot more you can do and that is what counts more. But if the price is a bit problem you have other options as well. I know we are focusing on smoothies. Go ahead for the last one!

There is another Aicok product on our list of the Best blender for smoothies. This one is the last but not the least product we will talk about in our Best blender reviews. This is a hands-on, useful and tough personal smoothie blender. It comes with two Tritan travel cups that are twenty-eight oz. and thirty-five oz. It can resist temperatures from sixty-eight to two-hundred-twenty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. We listed it as the best smoothie blenders for its amazing rotation speed. It speeds from twenty-four thousand rpm to twenty-eight thousand rpm.

This is one of the Best smoothie blenders that have an excellent cutting frequency. It can cut more than one lac per minute with a very influential 1200 watt motor. It also includes six stainless steel Pro extractor blades. It has the Pulse, Blend, Extra Blend and regular Start/Stop switches on it. It can operate with a single touch of a button. It crushes ice perfectly and it is the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies. It can also process seeds very quickly and proficiently in just a matter of seconds. It blends things into a nice smoothie mix.


  • The blending, pulsing and pausing is an easy process with the gadget.
  • All the nourishment stays with the drink. Vitamins, raw materials, and healthy enzymes live in it. Also, the dietary fortitude, will all be inaccessible in your smoothie.
  • Include 2 BPA-free cups with strong lids to carry along on the way to the gym, office etc.
  • They are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.
  • The Best blender for smoothies that can also deal with tough ingredients.
  • The bottom pressures grip the kitchen counter correctly and do not move.


  • The blades are a bit sharp.

Final thoughts

The blender is an excellent choice for regular use. It cleans up quickly and there is no trouble handling this. The Best blender for smoothies and gives a pleasant consistency. I love the security it provides. The motor doesn’t functions till the cap is tightly secured correctly. Undoubtedly the best blender for juicing and smoothies with extra protection. This is the Best blender for smoothies as it smoothens up fruits and veggies. Also, there is no obstacle while blending in reserving the raw supplements. It comes with a good warranty and it weighs just over six pounds. It would need a little space on your counter. In the price, it lasts for long and so it is the Best budget blender anyone can have. There is a max line sign on the blender. It’s nice as it helps to know if I have overloaded it with stuff.

The Best blender for smoothies and other tasks as well. This is a pleasant and recent looking smoothie blender that is hard-wearing. It processes food quickly and nicely. The end products are satisfying. Also, it does the task without making too much noise. We loved the whole product and if you love it too you can have it. It is surely recommended.

What Ingredient to Pick For a Healthy Smoothie?

Having the Best blender for smoothies is not the only important thing. You must go through info and realities relating to your blending collection. You need to do research on the new procedure on the Internet. Or looking for in a neighboring bookshop for blending journals can help. Wellness could be the major cause for applying a blender for smoothies. And so, there are a few of the maximum composed active basics you must carry to your kitchens. It is important to have the right choice of blends such as greens. You can have kale, parsley, spinach, broccoli, and chard to add to your smoothies. Do your best to prep drinks that have fifty to seventy percent greens. This would add nutrition to your smoothies made of vegetables or fruits.

Take a sip little by little, and get a chuck out of the exceptional traits every drink has. Take preference in the perception, and also grow the numerous taste options. Counting on the Best blender for smoothies is important. Because using the best items for smoothies will upgrade your living standards. Before using the Best blender for smoothies make sure something basic. Examine the fruits and veggies that you form on blending. Fruit cuttings could instantly surge your blood glucose. Customers that have medical illnesses need to be careful. They demand specific nourishing restraints. They must understand the amounts of fruit used in their blends. The best blender for frozen fruit smoothies could cheer up anyone. Even the patient bored and also lacking nourishment at the same time. So just know well what you need to drink. If possible contact your nutritionist. Why take a chance with regular health? Go for the quality item that ties your expense plan, and the best personal blender you could have at that price.

A Few Tips with Smoothies and Blenders

  • Extracts like chard, green, broccoli spinach or similar items are important. Use them in your regular drinks. Use the Best blender for smoothies to blend and get a few other yummy fruits for the rest of the quotation.
  • You must drink your smoothies once you extract it. The wholesale of nutrients would disappear if you allow the juice to sit extremely long. If you let the mine to rest for some days, you would miss numerous of the valued nutritional enhancement. Also, you would lose reserves that comes along with it. It's suggested to have the juice quickly after blending it in the best smoothie blender you have.
  • This is the one advice you’d find in most of the Best blender reviews articles. Just preserve the blender for smoothies in a clear position in the kitchen zone. Keeping your blender at eye level would make you mindful of your more healthful options.
  • When blending, have your mix just before a plate. You get more strength perks if you drink the blend upon an empty stomach. As an additional benefit, having mixed veggies and fruits could lower your hunger. Also, it helps you to eat less at lunch or dinner period. Just blend your favorite recipe in the Best blender for smoothies you choose. Have it before you go for a complete meal.
  • A method to improve your well-being is by carrying blending to your consumption plan. Blending would convert second nature. All you need to do is leave any Best blender for smoothies in normal sight. This will work as an everyday reminder. This is the main reason you would at first place want to have the Best smoothie blenders.

Ten Recipes to Try On the Best Blender for Smoothies!

Using the Best blender for smoothies would surely offer you great drinks. They are plush in vitamins as well as nutrients and also taste marvelous. By making your own fresh drinks with the Best budget blender you would save a plenty of hard earned money. For the busy life, we do skip out on the nourishment that is obligatory to stay healthy. If you also have been modifying not consuming healthy we are here. If you too do not have the time, we bring you some stimulating ideas. We are introducing ten smoothie ideas that are stress-free to make. The best smoothie blender is the only thing you would need here. The preparation needs only a few minutes.

Morning Blast

The first way to use the Best blender for smoothies you just bought is making yourself a recipe. Something that would jump start your day. Who doesn’t love a wholesome, healthy and appetizing smoothie? Just grab a few berries from your fridge! For this process, you also want half a cup of assorted berries. Also, grab a quarter cup of orange juice and half a cup of non-fat yogurt. Add one tablespoon of sugar to make it sweet. The sugar is optional. Mix all of this in a mixer. You can also add ice by trying any best way to crush ice for smoothies. Add them up and give yourself a delicious and rich morning luxury.

Creamy Delicacy

You can try out the spinach smoothie in the Best blender for smoothies you just bought. Start by mixing a bunch of spinach in it. You can add along half a green apple with an avocado. If you need your smoothies to be creamy, this is the best recipe. It does not demand any supplementary dairy product. You would need the Best blenders to process greenies.

Strong Smoothie

For this smoothie, you would need a cup of frozen mango or one ripe mango. Use an ice blender machine for frozen food. You need half a cup of non-fat yogurt. Also, add 2 tablespoons of orange liquid. Pour in about 1 cup of good coconut water. You do not need to add sugar. It tastes just like the vanilla orange popsicles. It has the richness of potassium and electrolytes. This smoothie could be a fine drink to treat in after a worthy gym shift.

Sultry Sweet

Are you in the temper for anything bizarre and tropical in taste? Try out this one. Plug in the Best blender for smoothies you have and add 2 cups of chopped kale. Now add one whole or a quarter cup of pineapple with half a cup of coconut milk. Next, you need to add 1 sliced ripe banana. You could add some water as per the constancy you would like.

Popeye's Ice

Get the Best personal blender you have plugged in and put in one cup of baby spinach. Next get one cup of grapes and a quarter cup of coconut milk. Get half a cup of ice also. You would have an even frothy and vigorous drink prepared in a few moments.

Berry Blizzard

This smoothie could certainly be the meal in a glass. This would be the one for folks who need nourishment while on-the-run. For this smoothie, you would need one big cup of mixed berries. Now add half a cup of orange juice and almost a cup of plain yogurt. Also, you would need a tablespoon each of browned wheat germ and honey, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. Put all of it in the Best blender for smoothies you own. Keep blending till there is a smooth texture.

Kale Craziness

Even though kale could be fairly a bland veggies by itself, this smoothie will make you fall in love with it. You would be glad you read this article of Best blender for smoothies once you try this out. To make this drink you would need third of a quarter cup of sliced kale. Next, you need 1/2 a cup of apple juice, ½ of a banana, and 1 small stalk of celery. Celery is optional. Then just add a tablespoon of lemon juice and 1/2 a cup of ice. The apple and banana suppress the odor of kale and the lemon juice provides the perfect tang.

Mango Miracle

Do you wish for a smoothie that would shiver your taste buds and plus up your vein? Try out the mango carrot drink. Mix 1 cup of sliced mango with 1/2 a cup of carrots. Next add a quarter cup of yogurt, 1/2 a cup of almond milk and 1 tablespoon of honey. Blend them all in the Best blender for smoothies you choose. The flavorful smoothie would be ready.

Happy Hour

Are you longing for relaxed food and don’t wish to spoil in anything unnatural? Try out the pomegranate berry one then. For this, you would require 2 cups of mixed frozen berries. There are a number of best way to crush ice for smoothies. You can crush frozen fruits in the Best blenders perfectly. Now you need 1 cup juice from pomegranates and half a banana with 1/2 cup of cottage non- fat cheese. Mix all the elements and transfer in a giant glass. The tang and smoothness of bananas and cottage cheese are amazing. This drink would keep you jam-packed till dinner.


Are you a sugary lover and want to pamper in a later dinner dessert? You can try the mango lassi then. This is an Asian or more probably Indian drink. This recipe needs mangoes and yogurt. Use an ice blender machine to crush ice and add them to the end product. This could be a complete end to an intense meal.

Bottom line

Making smoothies could be exciting. Benefits of smoothies depend highly on the blender one use. From the very beginning, we have to select wisely. Because having the right apparatus plays a noteworthy role. It is a vital thing to own in the preparation of making the smoothie. Choosing the Best blender for smoothies is important to have a pleasant experience.