Which Is the Best Vitamix Blenders to Buy in 2020?

Which Is the Best Vitamix Blenders to Buy in 2020?

A commercial heavy duty blender needs to be tough and effective. If not you have been living under a rock, then you already know, most of the best smoothie blender is from Vitamix. They offer a range of blenders. They are one of the most popular brands of blenders in the creation. And obviously, there is decent cause for that too. Many specialized chefs and five-star restaurants swear by the Vitamix brand. And they call it the best personal blender 2020 of the highest quality. The brand delivers sturdy, stylish apparatuses that achieve their job to complete perfection. Most of the blenders in the Vitamix series have high-powered engines. These are capable of easily crushing ice, and totally grind any food that needs to get blended. It is also admired for the multiplicities that the models offer. The blenders have the proficiency to do so much more than just making juice and smoothies. In most situations, they can get used in nearly every mealtime.

Vitamix 5300 Blender - Professional Grade

The Vitamix is a big brand in the Blending industry. And so, observing the models of Vitamix blenders is a rough journey. And afterward, asking how to choose a blender for smoothies is a natural thing. However, choosing this Vitamix 5300 blender over the others shouldn’t be a tough call. Let’s look into the features of this best smoothie blender.


A Commanding Engine

One of the chief reasons for the admiration of Vitamix is because of the powerful motor. Just like any other expensive blender, this model has the ability to squash hard items. So that it could turn out to be smooth soups besides smoothies. This 5300 has a 2.2 horsepower high functioning engine. This influential motor drives the blades of the blender. So that it could get through the toughest ingredients. Such as hard nuts and roughly dried fruits.

Tough Blades

Without tough blades, no blender can be the best blender for smoothies and ice. This Vitamix model has the ability to balance the power and the blades. It has tough four inches blades. These blades are of aircraft-grade and also of cynical stainless steel. The outcome of this grouping is a top excellence smoothie.

Easy To Use

The best personal smoothie maker would be easy and handy to operate. This is the case with the 5300 model. With the most uncomplicated design, the 5300 allows the easiest operational ability. You can adjust it to different speeds for different items.

The Sleekest Design

Like other models, this best personal blender 2018 has a sixty-four-ounce vessel. It is a blender that is low profile. And so it would suit most of the kitchen. The black body and the huge processing ability makes it one of the best personal smoothie maker.

Easy Clean-Up

The cleaning up doesn’t need much time. This is also a good part of this model from Vitamix.


  • A fast and powerful apparatus.
  • Includes a user manual and a recipe book.
  • There is also a tamper and a certified checklist.
  • The using and cleaning are hassle-free.
  • The cord is six ft. long and so using it around the kitchen gets easier.
  • It can crush almost any tough ingredient.
  • The best blender for smoothies and ice that is extremely affordable.


  • It is a bit noisy.
  • The warranty period should be more.

Vitamix 5200

In most of the commercial blender reviews, the 5200 from Vitamix makes a spot. Thanks to its effortless performance. Similar to any expensive blender, this model is heavy with features. It includes a DVD that describes the operating manual of the blender. This is not an expensive blender since it comes with a bunch of useful features. There is a multitude of capabilities and choices that elaborates this blender mostly.


The Speed Settings

This model is the best blender for smoothies and ice that comes with high-speed settings. The variable speed setting comes in handy whenever needing different textures. The dial rotation allows the user to choose different points. This is helpful during the blending process. So when you are working with some item you can get the full control.

A Huge Vessel

Keeping the health side in mind, the brand includes a sixty-four ounces container. This container is BPA free and so there are no health risks. To create a vortex the container forces the ingredients in a vertical motion. So while blending, it ensures a thorough blend. The container is of self-cleaning type.

Large Batches

This commercial smoothie machine can blend large batches for your family. The size and shape of the container let you do so. The radial cooling fan along with the thermal security scheme makes it an ideal blender.

Blends Hot Soups Effortlessly

The tough and sturdy blades designed to crush the toughest ingredients is a huge feature. The quality stays the same from the first to last blend. This feature is the highlight of this expensive blender from the Vitamix.


  • A commercial smoothie machine with a very powerful motor.
  • The speed settings are easily changeable. And so it suits people needing precise results.
  • The tamper lets the blend be thick and smooth.
  • The thermal protection is incredible.
  • The cleaning doesn’t require much time and attention.
  • Operating is super easy and the DVD makes it even simpler.
  • The blades are well capable to raise temperature quickly.
  • The container that comes along is huge and enough for a large family.


  • It is a bit noisy and expensive.

Vitamix Standard Programs Blender

So the next best personal blender 2020 from Vitamix we would like to talk about is the Vitamix Standard Programs model. This is probably the best blender for ice and frozen stuff. You just need to put the ingredients in and press the button. And voila, a freshly made smoothie will cheer you up! The model comes under the C-series and it has received a lot of appreciation. It is more functional and great than most other blenders in the similar price range. Moving forward in this commercial blender reviews. Now we would check out the features.


The Pre-functioned Settings

This best blender for the money includes three pre-functioned settings. You can easily process smoothies, hot soups and frozen drinks with the kit. These three settings stand tall and make it the best commercial smoothie machine.

The Pulse and Variable Speeds

This best blender for ice comes with a pulse function. To simplify the blending process there are ten variable speeds. You can choose them according to your blending preference.

The Motor

This best commercial smoothie machine provides a high technology motor. It comes with a 2 HP motor that is powerful enough to spin the blades. The blades are likely to rotate at the speed of 240mph which is great. So, the blender is more capable of liquefying the hardest elements in seconds.

The Three-Inch Blades

The versatility of this expensive blender upsurges due to the well-designed blades. They allow you to receive the finest texture of the end product. The hammer mill cutting blades are of stainless steel. So every time there is a consistent blending experience.

Large Batches

This Best Blender for Smoothies also includes a huge container. The vessel is sixty-four-ounces and so large batches at a time is possible. This saves your time and energy.

Easy Cleaning Process

The blender isn’t difficult to wash. You would only need a few drops of liquid cleaning agent. Some warm water and a few seconds would clean the blender. Make sure to dry it with a towel before storing.


  • The BPA free container makes the blender safe and durable.
  • The lid is spill-proof and also vented.
  • There are three amazing settings.
  • Very easy to operate and clean.
  • Comes with a long seven-year warranty.
  • There is a spatula included.
  • To understand the process there is a DVD and also a recipe book.


  • A tall blender that might not fit every kitchen cabinet.
  • This blender is a bit expensive.

Vitamix 7500

The 7500 is an expensive blender that looks quite like the 5300 model. But, obviously, this model is way superior to 5300 version. This model comes under the G-series of Vitamix blenders. It is the best blender for smoothies and ice with a powerful functional ability. This blender is quiet and works amazingly with any kind of ingredients. It includes a bunch of facilities making it worth for your money. So what are the features that make it a regular pick in most commercial blender reviews?


The Motor

This commercial heavy duty blender comes with a lot of power to work with. This is very much expected from a G-series blender. They are all very powerful and commanding. This best blender for the money comes with a 2.2 HP motor. The motor is a thick one that can cover the sound the blender makes while blending. So this motor is the quietest blender and yet most powerful one.

The Strong Blades

This is the best blender for ice that has hammered blades of aircraft-grade. The blades are of stainless steel material. And so, they are very strong and works well with the motor. The three-inch blades are well capable of crushing the toughest element in seconds.

The Operational Design

This smoothie maker fits most of the kitchen cabinets. Since the blender is a low-profile one from Vitamix. However, it is less likely to store it under low-hanging surfaces. The 17.5 inches tall blender is still highly functional. You can use it to mix small batches if you wish to.

The 64-Ounce Container

It comprises a huge container that can help you to prepare large batches for the whole family. The container is safe and easy to clean.

Easy to Use

There are ten variable speeds included in this smoothie maker. You can achieve whatever texture you need in your smoothies.

Cleaning Process

You would need a detergent and warm water. Working on the container with these would be enough to clean it. In a few seconds, you would get a clean blender ready to store.


  • The blender works quietly.
  • You can go for small batches with your ingredients.
  • Most of the kitchen cabinets compliment the height of the blender.
  • The motor provides powerful functioning.
  • The container is huge to handle large batches too.


  • The blender can be a bit expensive for a few people.

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional-Grade

The next model in our commercial blender reviews is the Vitamix A2300. It is an entry-level blender that is budget-friendly and effective. It can get used for home uses and also it is a basic blender providing basic needs. It is a commercial smoothie machine that has a lot of beneficial features to offer. Even if this blender isn’t expensive it works just like a high-end blender. And so, being cheap isn’t a fact here. You would find a lot of blenders that consumes huge money but provides less. With the A2300, you are getting all your basic blending requirements full filed.


The Commanding Engine

This version comes with an influential motor that works well with the blades. So while you are performing heavy tasks, you do not need to worry about the results. This powerful engine serves the best power at 2.2 HP. At this price range, it is a peak quality motor.

A Digital Timer

There’s no chance of forgetting to turn off the blender. Because there’s a digital timer coming along that would notify you when it’s over.

The Variable Speeds

To achieve various textures and smoothness you need different types of speed. This version has the facility of providing ten different variable speeds. You can now rest assured that whatever you put in it would turn out to be something amazing. You can control the outcome according to your needs.

The Container and Lid

This is the best blender for smoothies and ice that includes a good container. Also, the clear lid is a plus point to add.

The Pulse

There is a pulse feature included for better control of the whole blending procedure. You can now try out ingredients to make vegetable soup and sauces. There are so many options of dishes available with this commercial smoothie blender.


  • It is one of the cheapest Ascent that comes at a low price.
  • The motor is powerful enough to blend almost any stuff.
  • The design and out plan is simply mesmerizing.
  • There is more control in food preparation, thanks to the pulse feature.
  • Comes with a long ten-year warranty.
  • The container lowers the whole height by half inches.
  • You tend to be more correct with the digital timer at your service.


  • You don’t have the option to blend smaller batches at a time.
  • The power cord that comes along isn’t much longer.

Vitamix 750 Professional

So the next commercial smoothie blender is an exceptional apparatus. It is great for professional use with unmatched blending capabilities. The Vitamix Pro 750 is a professional grade blender that provides excellence. It is the best blender for the money from Vitamix. This commercial smoothie machine can do all the blending tasks with ease. Starting from coffee beans and hard seeds, it can grind anything into a fine powder. Now all the tasty margaritas and smoothies are easy to make if you own this model. In most of the commercial blender reviews, it makes a spot for high features. This commercial smoothie machine is the finest choice if you need the best one. Since this model has received the most ratings among others. Why? Well, let’s go through the features to know.


The Pre-Functioned Settings

It is a commercial heavy duty blender that includes five pre-programmed settings. The versatility of this feature is the most. These settings let you do multiple things with your ingredients. Starting from blend to chop, cream, beat, puree and liquefy. Also, you can warm up the elements.

Ten Variable Speed

There is the option to work with ten variable speed settings. You can adjust the dial to control the speed of the blender. As a result, you have more influence over the end product. You can decide what texture and smoothness you need to have. You can create a bunch of cool drinks and dishes with this amazing tool. This is also the best blender for green smoothies and vegetable soups.

The High HP Motor

This is the best smoothie maker 2018 with a 2.2 HP engine. That’s a lot of power to deal with sturdy ingredients. Because of its high power, it should be loud. This professional level blender is the best choice for home use or commercial use.

The Tough Looking Design

A strong plastic base carries the motor. The design is fascinating and would complement any kitchen look.

The Large Container

With a sixty-four-ounce container, you would be able to make large quantities. So this blender is a great choice for huge families. Also, this is ideal for family picnics and parties. The container is low-profile and safe to use. The height fits most kitchen cabinets easily.

Tough Blades

The blades are of stainless steel and so they endure for a long time. The laser-cut hammermill blades are four inches in diameter. The power of the motor influences the blade to crush even the toughest stuff.

Easy To Clean

The blender is a simple tool to clean and wash. You would barely need a few moments to clean it up.


  • It is tough and powerful blender that lasts for long period.
  • A versatile apparatus that comes with excellent five pre-programmed settings.
  • Works fine as a high-quality juicer.
  • Comparing to other high powered blender, this version makes less noise.
  • The clean-up process is also very easy.
  • Comes with a ten-year long warranty.


  • It could be an expensive blender for some folks.

Vitamix S30 or Vitamix S50

So now we’ll talk about two Best blenders for smoothies to suit any budget. These blenders are a perfect fit for any kind of kitchen. However, the right one depends specifically on your requirements. The best blender for the money should fulfill all your wishes. And these two from the Vitamix are very popular for their excellent performance. We would like to make your acquisition process easier. To do so, we’ll try to put these two blenders side by side. Let’s check what makes one of the blenders better than the other one.

Versatility and Performance Based On the Tasks:


Are you someone wondering how to choose a blender for smoothies? Are you confused with these two versions? If so, then just keep on reading. Both of the version is great to deal with frozen ingredients. Also, they can process any kind of hard fruit and smooth with no chunks. Leafy vegetables like kale and carrots are also complicating to blend. But with these two commercial heavy duty blender, you don’t find it tough. The best personal smoothie maker should also pulverize seeds well. For example the blueberry and raspberry seeds. To my surprise, both of the version does a satisfying job with these type of seeds.

Frozen Stuff

The best personal smoothie maker should proficiently handle frozen ingredients. These apparatuses are very much capable of handling the frozen ones. They make frozen yogurts and margaritas easily.


You need the best personal smoothie maker that gives textbook results. While juicing, you need split of liquids and fiber. As the perfect juicer, the Vitamix S series blender works flawlessly. Making whole juice needs a perfect juicer. And these two blenders are very well capable to do so.

Hot Soups

The best personal smoothie maker can also easily process hot liquids well. For example coffee and other similar drinks. The large forty oz. container designed to release power and pressure is effortless. It can handle hot soups and liquids quite well. These would only need eight to nine minutes to do so.

Nut Milk and Butter

Both versions can perfectly process nut milk and butter. For example rice, cashew and almond seed milk. You would need to strain for better consistency. The nuts should get soaked previously. This way you might not need the strainer later. These two blenders can also produce fine texture nut butter. There is a set tamper available to use for the purpose. It gives a silky smooth consistency to the butter. The homemade butter is no less tasty than the packetized ones available in stores. You would need to process a smaller batch at a time.

Pureeing and Chopping

You can use raw vegetables and make puree from these machines. You can try tough vegetables or even raw carrots. They are excellent in pureeing almost anything you put in. Also, there are variable speeds that make producing a wide range of items easier. You can also chop hard cheeses and stuff like that easily. These apparatuses are great for chopping items flawlessly.


  • They are extremely good to process smaller batches at a time.
  • The cleaning up requires less amount of time for both of the version.
  • Both versions are a high-quality portable blender.
  • They perform all the heavy tasks high-end blender delivers.
  • The motor of both blenders is low-voltage.
  • The functionality of both blenders is unique and environment-friendly.
  • The motor that comes along is popular for being extremely long-lasting.
  • Both of the machines come with a long five-year warranty. This is a moderate warranty for a personal blender.


  • These blenders are very expensive and need you to invest a lot.

Which Vitamix is The Ideal Choice?

The Vitamix brand is far more ahead than most of its competitors. This is because they always come up with innovative and interesting personal blenders. They are the ideal brand to choose from and meet the requirements of any professional chef. The quality and power they provide are unmatchable. And if you have made your mind to spend money on this brand than congratulation. No matter which one you pick you’ll pick something worth for your money. These blenders are exceptional and good in different ways. You need to figure out what you look for in your perfect blender. Do you need higher functioning ability in best price? Then you can think to spend on the 5300 version. Do you need a professional grade blender doing every job perfectly? Then the 750 version is the best one to choose. In short, the Vitamix brand can provide the best personal smoothie maker in the best price range.

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